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After many years developed & supported, gomymobiBSB released version 3.0.0 (March 2nd 2021). Now users may register & transfer domains on the platform.

You may check full log of gomymobiBSB in changelog.txt file.

Some highlights during development history of gomymobiBSB

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March 2nd 2021

v3.0.0 released, added

  • Plugin Domainer to register, transfer & manage domains

December 1st 2020

v2.4.0 released, added

  • Resize layout of content only with Element Builder
  • Plugin Store without Site: now users may create stores without slugs of sites


  • Redesign sizes of viewport
  • Security
  • Some functions for PHP 7.3
  • Force all payment links must be processed via SSL

September 23th 2020

v2.3.0 released, added

  • Payment gateway:

September 9th 2020

v2.2.0 released, added

  • User Payments tab in My Settings page: users may enter their payment details to receive payment from other users
  • Payment gateway:


  • Layout of adminstrative setting system
  • Layout of purchasing license of commercial themes
  • Site traffic tracker
  • Shop functions

June 29th 2020

v2.0.0 released, added

  • Label to new features
  • Page compression
  • Fullscreen button in build/edit site mode
  • Addon Element Builder: vvvebjs with multiple languages supported & integrate this elementor into platform deeply
  • System list of addons
  • AJAX for Dashboard
  • Support languages for EHB (Editable HTML Builder)
  • System loading GIFs & custom ajax changers

May 30th 2020

v1.21.2 released, added: Notification at moment signed in & out successfully

October 8th 2019

v1.20.5 released, added: Media Storage Size limitations

March 28th 2018

v1.20 released, added:

  • Plugin Resell Solutions - Allow users to register as resellers then use their own domains to sell to their clients
  • Redesign & recode whole platform to work with plugin Resell Solutions
  • Icon for Top Save Button on small screens
  • Theme preview for Media Browser

February 21th 2018

v1.18 released, added: plugin Multi Domains Chooser for sub-domain

December 27th 2017

v1.17 released, added:

  • Gateway Stripe

December 19th 2017

v1.16 released, added:

  • Payment gateways integrated as plugins
  • Gateway Paypal
  • Use custom IPN to process Paypal subscription with free trial, becaues Paypal does not return transaction details for these subscriptions

And many important improvements & fixes

December 4th 2017

v1.14 released, added:

  • Stunning steps in installing
  • 5 more login & register styles for admins to choose
  • View code of any file on browser with administrative permissions

November 27th 2017

v1.13 released, added:

  • Top save button to save changes of long forms
  • Filters for log item & sidebar menu
  • Plugin: Code Editor
  • Media Browser may open anywhere of platform with administrative accounts (in plugin Code Editor)

November 4th 2017

v1.11.1 released, added: Administrators may deactivate payments of users manually

November 3rd 2017

v1.11 released, added

  • Store Theme management
  • Store Theme buy & sell
  • Warnings of discard changes for accident clicks
  • Options of thumbnail & summary into Page's Widgets in Stores

And many important improvements & fixes

September 22th 2017

v1.10.2 released, added: Function to Empty cache of system before backup

Improved: deny PHP files uploadable in Media Browser

July 22th 2017

v1.10 released, added:

  • Support RTL mode
  • Theme chooser for Media Browser & 3 new themes
  • Administrators may choose file extensions users to upload in Media Browser
  • Administrators may name aliases for common Media folders
  • shop quick visit button in setting modal
  • Style (inline CSS) edit for GMM-Editable-HTML-Builder

Improved: GMM-Editable-HTML-Builder on small screens

June 23th 2017

v1.9 released, added:

  • Collections of Simple Line Icons & Themify to GMM-Editable-HTML-Builder
  • Custom pages for errors 4XX, 5XX
  • Filter search for website themes
  • Google reCAPTCHA plugin

Improved: GMM-Editable-HTML-Builder on small screens

May 16th 2017

v1.8.1 released, added:

  • Semi-Auto Updater: Notice if new version released

May 2nd 2017

v1.7 released, added:

  • List of reserved sub-domains users can not use
  • Setting of force redirection to SLL

April 6th 2017

v1.6 released, added:

  • Administrators may login as other users by 1 click
  • Add / Edit a payment
  • Support plugins
  • Ad System plugin (commercial addon)
  • Ability to change color of address bar on mobile browsers


  • Previewing theme in app layout, better on small screen
  • Setting page works better on small screen

February 24th 2017

Added Knowledge Base

February 6th 2017

v1.4.1 released: Store Builder was being developed

Added phpmailer as default mailing solution if set

December 18th 2016

Added Maintain Mode to turn off whole platform temporarily

November 13th 2016

Added robots.txt & sitemap

September 6th 2016

Upgraded FontAwesome (in EHB) to 4.6.3 & Added numbers of icons to each category

September 4th 2016

Added data-gmm-clonable-width to HTMLBuilder to change width of clonable objects

Tweaked simple_html_dom to process HTML better

June 29th 2016

Added Updater solution to upgrade core files lively & directly, no need to download the whole zip package

June 20th 2016


  • Show notification once save successfully
  • Allow clients to use custom domains and point to their sites
  • Documentation menu to administrative accounts
  • Tooltips for editable icons in EHB
  • Slider to choose how many themes considered as New or Hot
  • Theme count per each filter when choosing theme

May 10th 2016

EHB: Added clone feature to clone whole big HTML block

May 9th 2016

Added Media modal in Site Settings modal

May 8th 2016

Added Open Link in New Window to EHB

May 1st 2016

Added 2 properties to EHB: Images Alt & Links Title

April 24th 2016

Improved layout of EHB, fixed some issues & Added:

  • Unsaved state for Update/Apply button if content changed
  • Clear filter while searching icons

April 16th 2016

Added Report feature to builder + System email to receive user messages

Improved: preparing bar for installing new site / editing site

April 15th 2016

Closed Beta released on CodeCanyon

We needed 10 months to release first version 1.0 publicly

April 12th 2016

Added Subdomains System for user sites + language bar switcher

April 10th 2016

Added all account demo types on to sign-in page if demo mode is on, to explain all features

April 5th 2016


  • Validate Licenses & Payments for paid themes
  • Term & remind if users export/publish/archive paid themes with One Time Licenses

March 30th 2016

Added: feature of reminding when page changes are not saved

March 28th 2016

Continued improving & fixing small bugs of HTMLBuilder

Added: Simple Installer with import of sample data, no step displayed

March 8th 2016

Finished many tasks & solutions

Added: First site theme, called gomymobi

Improved Editable HTML Builder (EHB):

  • Integrated Media Browser
  • Upgraded Fontawesome to 4.5 with 605 icons
  • Upgraded tinyMCE 4.1 -> 4.3.4, included plugin imagetools
  • Speed, Performance & Animations
  • Fixed the bugs & issues

February 14th 2016

Completed Media Browser, only a simple media with many issues.

February 13th 2016

Completed the first Frontpage, called One

February 1st 2016

Completed Dashboard page with almost user & administrator statistics till today.

January 1st 2016

Convert system to MySQLi for better & faster database queries. And also because of many complicated queries not supported in MySQL.

December 2015

Finished many important features & solutions for a completed business with site builder:

  • System Settings page for Administrators
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Plans
  • Manage Sites (publish/archive, export & QR code only)
  • Register & Profile pages
  • Payments for Plans (Paypal only)

September 2015

Completed features of editing & building sites in site management of User Control Panel

July 2015

Completed JavaScript EHB (Editable HTML Builder) to edit any HTML pages in real time

June 10th 2015

Project started with the first code lines of whole platform

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